An alternative to amalgam or Composite fillings

An alternative to amalgam or Composite fillings

A computer-aided design and manufacturing (cadm) system that is revolutionizing dentistry

The CADM technology, already used in many industrial applications, is making great strides in dentistry. How does it work? First, an optical impression is taken of a preparation or model with a camera or scanner. Thanks to the computer-aided technology, the photos can be viewed onscreen. A custom-made restoration can then be prepared from the recorded situation.
The construction data is sent by CAM (Computer-Assisted Manufacturing) to the milling centre, itself computer-operated, for the automatic manufacturing of the restoration.

The CEREC method

The CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) method was developed in 1980 by Professor W. Mörmann and Dr M. Brandestinie at the University of Zurich. The first patients were treated in 1985. Since then, the CEREC method has been continually perfected and is widely used today by dentists around the world in their daily practice.
Dr Leblanc has used this method for several years.

The CEREC method combines the bonding technique with the ultra-rapid creation of inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and frontal and lateral all-ceramic crowns. The result is a unique lesion-based combination that permits the creation of metal-free, biocompatible restorations that match the shade of your teeth using high-quality, resistant ceramic. Moreover, all steps are completed in one visit, with no casting or provisional measurements required.

The CEREC process

1. The cavity or fillings to be replaced are removed.
The tooth is powdered in preparation of the optical impression.


2. The optical impression is taken with a camera.
The restoration is then milled out of a ceramic block.


3. After the bonding system is polymerized with
a source of light, the new filling is completed

Polishing or glazing of the filling’s surface gives the
tooth a natural appearance.

The bonding technique ensures exceptional durability.


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